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Trident Of Poseidon Spearfishing

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General Chartering, fishing trips, sightseeing, and Snorkeling Excursions

Specializing in Freedive Spearfishing but also hosting Scuba spearfishing groups

Checkout Dives

Transport for your students for dive training, checkout dives, & guided spearing excursions



TOP Spears!


Meet The Crew


Clint Kolba

I was born and raised in SW Florida. I began freediving and spearfishing in 2013 following in the footsteps of my best friend and future brother in law. After my first year, I became PFI certified and it wasn't until 2016 that I started and took my scuba certification. I dove nearly everyday year-round in Florida, I would jump in and swim out from shore or hop in the river to hunt some winter sheepshead. I attended Texas A&M Galveston for maritime training, that's what brought me to Texas. I prefer to freedive while spearfishing but love the comfort and time that scuba grants you on those deeper dives. I now work in maritime and run a charter here in Texas and absolutely love hunting monster ARS and Cobia out on the rigs. Hunting Grouper and Cubera in SW Florida's murky shark-infested waters will always be my favorite though!


Collin Thomson

As a Freeport, Texas native I grew up fishing offshore and in the bays and lakes of the south Texas coastal regions. I became scuba certified at age 10 following in the path of my parents.  Seven years ago, I began spearfishing with my father and became totally obsessed with it! I completed my Divemasters, Instructor Development course, my PADI freedive courses, as well as my Tec Deep certification on the island of Utila, Honduras. I attended Texas A&M Galveston for maritime training that later lead to my USCG Captain's license. I work as a Captain for dive shops in the Keys while running my own fishing, spearfishing, scuba, and free dive charter. I continue to pursue the opportunities to fish world class fisheries throughout the globe including Central America, Louisiana, and in my home state on the rigs of Texas. 

The Vessels

About Us

We are a no frills, all thrills, all kills charter. By that we mean that our boats are not the sitting in storage a majority of the year. We use them year round, fill the decks with fish, maintain them, and have all safety gear to meet and exceed USCG standards. 

We operate a Mexican Panga 25'11 with a 150hp Yamaha four-stroke. The other vessel is a Twin Vee 22' with twin Yamaha four-stroke 115s. 



Key Largo, Florida

Collin Thomson
Tel: (979) 451-0043


Mon - Fri: 8am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday:    8am - 10pm

Matagorda, TX

Clint Kolba
Tel: (941) 979-6482

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